Welcome to HamsterPuncture!

Gently inserting sterilized needles

Hamsterpuncture is a community acupuncture clinic that enables patients to receive acupuncture treatments frequently, using a self-determined payment scale of $20-50.

Up to nine patients can be in the same room at a time. After the needles are inserted at appropriate acupoints, the patient can relax in a recliner while Ed begins treatment for another patient.

Most acupoints are on the extremities, so people can stay in their street clothes.

"This format makes acupuncture more accessible for people," Ed Layton said. "It enables patients to receive treatments regularly. I want treatments to be relaxed and informal. The group format can be reassuring for people as it's very open and convivial."

Ed provides over 40 hours of care for our community each week.

To make an appointment, please call our office at 360-734-1659